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(UPDATED: 20 October, 2016)


Introduction to the Rankings

This site provides the one of the few real, comprehensive, data-driven rankings of the best hosting companies available on the internet. It’s based on 19 objective ranking factors, all of which are averaged to produce the rankings. The focus is on best shared web hosting, and we do not address VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, or other needs.

We set out to try and understand how the best web hosting companies honestly stack up. The rankings below, and the associated methodology, data, and notes, are the end result. While there are numerous problems with the data, we feel comfortable standing behind the rankings below. We think most users would be well-served with any of the top 5 web hosting companies.

The latest version of the rankings in 2016 rank Bluehost as the best shared hosting platform (read our Bluehost Editor’s Pick). The next two finishers, GoDaddy and Hostgator, are ironically web hosting companies we generally don’t prefer. We considered moving them down based our own preferences, but then these wouldn’t be data-driven rankings, but rather the same subjective rankings you can find anywhere. On top of that, we must admit that the fact that GoDaddy and HostGator finished so well means they are doing a lot right, no matter what we think, and that many users would be (and are) well served by them. The #4 finisher overall, Siteground, is a company we had only vaguely heard of before starting our research, but would now be comfortable recommending.

One goal was to be transparent about methodology. Readers may disagree with the metholodolgy, but at least they’ll know exactly how they were produced. There was no space for subjective opinion or judgement. We describe our methodology in detail including caveats and limitations, and we provide links to the exact data used in the study. We’ve made the study transparent partly because it increases the trustworthiness of the rankings, but also because we openly welcome any suggestions to improve them.

We welcome feedback and suggestions, especially on new data sources. Feel free to contact us.